Poetry and Prose

The Story

How do they play When what they see Are mortals on decay? No grounds, no tree No springs nor lea— Abandoned by humanity Forsaken to eternity. Change their story, End terror, anger, fury. For my child is yours Their burdens are ours. ———————————————————— The fourth of the seven poems for the series I dubbed  Nam… Continue reading The Story

Poetry and Prose

The Prayer

See the rain of blood The lifeless lying on mud. Hear her tears, oh Heaven Her fears of things unseen. A child’s only prayer Is to play her teddy bear, But her dreams are gone In lighting speed of a rocket bomb. A sire’s only desire Is paradise of muses in lyre. But his family… Continue reading The Prayer


Be the Change

Get your pen and scribble down your thoughts and wishes for our brothers and sisters in Syria, other war-torn countries, and the whole world.  What is this all about? This campaign is meant to express our concerted voice calling for peace and end violence around the world, especially Syria which suffered a catastrophic event last… Continue reading Be the Change