Book Review

Love, Longing, and Phone Call

Is love enough to get phone call from heaven? A novel of strong love, faith, and belief, that’s how I characterize The First Phone Call from Heaven. Mitch Albom, the author, was spot on in describing in details the human emotion of longing to be reunited with a loved one, the strong belief for miracles… Continue reading Love, Longing, and Phone Call

Poetry and Prose


You are the angel heaven sent Guiding my journey in this treacherous path. The trees, as you pass by, bent And storms cease their growling wrath. Smile is what you bring me In sullen days and humdrum nights. When sun is nowhere to be seen, The bell knolls the parting day with might. I am… Continue reading You

Poetry and Prose

Sound of Silence

There was silence, none else but me
Sitting on the rock of yesterday.