Cebu’s 2017 LGBT Parade All Set

The road towards gender equality is still long and gloomy but few nations are now taking huge steps in changing the landscape. Hence, constant campaigning will definitely make a difference.  Gay parade or LGBT parade has been a colorful tradition nowadays all around the world. Cebu, a booming economic hub in the heart of the Philippines, joins the world in the celebration. … Continue reading Cebu’s 2017 LGBT Parade All Set


Be the Change

Get your pen and scribble down your thoughts and wishes for our brothers and sisters in Syria, other war-torn countries, and the whole world.  What is this all about? This campaign is meant to express our concerted voice calling for peace and end violence around the world, especially Syria which suffered a catastrophic event last… Continue reading Be the Change

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Peace, Progress, and PNoy’s Speech

My take: I have so many things in mind that the president failed to address in his speech. As the country celebrates the Day of Valor today, allow me to share it; after all, we are celebrating peace and unity. He should have touched on what he’s doing to iron out the passage of the… Continue reading Peace, Progress, and PNoy’s Speech