For Him [A Wedding Poem]

I will write our song. I write our wedding poem.

I thought the best story
Happens only on radio or TV
Unknowingly you came along
And changed the course
Of history.

When I look back
To where it all began
I feel the joy
‘cause I found the one.

The memories I have with you
Are all kept in my heart
Locked with your smile
And sealed with your love.

Now that I have this ring
Never will I take it away
For this reminds me everyday
That you belong to me.

Oh how sweet it is
To be wed to a man
Whom I love and behold
And I’m willing to give it all.

In front of this crowd
Let may say it so loud
That I love you everyday
Until eternity.

Our vow. Our wedding poem.

Let it be my vow
To hold your hands
When storm shatters
The best of us.

I will be your guide
When you stumble and fall
And be by your side
When life takes its toll.

I am your music
When your world is chaotic.
And like the bird on a tree
I will sing until you are free.

Let it be my vow
To be your light
When darkness overcomes you
And morning is out of sight.

I will be your everything
When you have nothing.
I am your strength
When you are weak.

Above all, I am your wife
The mother of your child,
Your partner in this ride,
A journey we call life.

All photos are from Pinterest.



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