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Cebu’s 2017 LGBT Parade All Set

The road towards gender equality is still long and gloomy but few nations are now taking huge steps in changing the landscape. Hence, constant campaigning will definitely make a difference. 

Gay parade or LGBT parade has been a colorful tradition nowadays all around the world. Cebu, a booming economic hub in the heart of the Philippines, joins the world in the celebration. 

LGBT parade or Gay parade 2017 in Cebu, Philippines

Pabuhagay is a Cebuano word for express, release, or unleash. The event this June 24 at 2:00 PM PH time aims to display the creativity, passion, and talent of the LGBT community. It is a celebration of diversity, freedom, and unity.

You can join and show your support.  The Pride Parade will start at the Plaza Osmeña towards Plaza Sugbu. That’s about 2.3 kilometers. 

The route for the 2017 LGBT Parade, Gay Parade, or Pride Day in Cebu City, Philippines
The parade alone may last for 30 minutes as the distance between Fuente Osmeña Circle to Plaza Sugbu is 2.3 kilometers.

Bring your friends. The LGBT parade is not just for LGBTs. Anyone who supports the cause of ending gender discrimination and championing equality regardless of culture may join. 


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