Why Can’t You Be Mine? 

Because even if I sing my heart out or write all the sad notes known to mankind, I still can’t claim you mine. Photo from Pinterest.

One day I sat by the window
In deep thought and sorrow
Several questions flooded my mind
Blurred thoughts in tears combined.

Why does the river flow
When waters can just gather?
Why do people go
When they can just be here?

Why do birds sing
Despite the pain they bring?
Why do people laugh
Despite the journey being rough?

Why do ants toil
Day and night scavenging the soil?
Why do trees bend
To the raging wind Heaven sent?

Why are their wars
That blot out even the stars?
Why do they kill
Children, women, even the innocents still?

Why do lovers part ways
When they are happy, she says?
Why do I miss you
And wish that you miss me too?

Why can’t I write
This feeling I earnestly fight?
Why can’t I sing
Those words fit for a king?

Why does the moon shine
When you are no longer mine?
Why do the stars glimmer
When your eyes I no longer stare?

Why? Oh several whys
Questions in between my sighs.
Lamentations of this tearful heart—
Abandoned. Torn apart.


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