The Bird’s Story

Once a bird tried to fly
To the cumulus clouds so high
But a child threw him a stone
The lonely bird broke a bone.

He tried to fly despite the pain
That crushed his ego so insane.
He tried to soar up high above
But his wings tell him to stop.

But the bird wanted to fly
He took a rest under the sky
And told himself with burden he bear
“My greatness you will soon ponder.”

And his friends heard his anguish
“Be strong!” to him they wish,
“For as we fly this treacherous sky
He’s watching us ‘til we die.”

“And He who sees your flight,” they said
“Willed this thus you never fret.
Subtly He guides your way
And show you a better day.”

And so the bird looked afar
To see the cirrus clouds so far
He told himself to fly that way
And leave the dark clouds away.

“Alas, you poor little child
The wound you inflict is mild
For someday you’ll see my wings
As shiny as the crown of kings.”


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