I Miss You

And like the lonely glass of wine… 

I miss those afternoons
When I hold you tight
And listening to the tune
Of the city within our sight.

I miss how you hold me
And how you look at me—
For all the world there is to see
Is how our love soars so carefree.

I miss the chocolates,
Those ice creams we used to share
For I was a king who never fits
Into your heavenly arms and care.

I miss how you crack a joke
Of how gruesome I often look—
Heart in happiness is soak
Incomparable to what I read in book.

I miss your touch
Every moment we are together—
Bliss there is too much
Like you hold me forever.

To the future we always look—
How we’ll raise the kids,
When dinner I will cook,
And kisses you’ll repay.

I miss you
Nothing but you
Your smile, every hue
I miss you. I really do.

I sent you my tears
In a flower and billet-doux 
With it are all my fears
‘Cause I’m afraid to let you go.

And to eternity I pray
That I kiss you one day.
For I miss you, my one and only
I miss you. Hope you miss me too.


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