The Play

The stage was set
And actors on their feet,
In a story of fear and fret
On hatred and scorching heat.

First act came the bombing
A lowly town turned nothing–
Children and women and men
Die in agony and pain.

Second act: the children
To schools they’ve never been.
Their playgrounds covered in rubbles
Sands soaked in bloody bubbles.

On another scene one was crying
For his mom is suffocating, dying.
Span right the camera and you’ll see
A family in darkness flee.

The final act is yet to come
In a heartbreaking story of war;
A struggle of Fame, Fortune, and Worth
Where is humanity by far?


This is the third of the seven poems in my Nam Syriam et Mundum series. Read the other posts here and here. The photo herein is from Project: AK-47—a group spearheading the A New Leaf project meant to bring back the childhood these children deserve. Be engaged! Click here to know how you can contact them. 


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