What Are You? 

Virgin Mary is depicted herein as the Mother of Sorrows. In time for Lent, as all Catholics in the world meditate on the passion and death of Christ, let’s not forget our brothers and sisters in war torn countries, too. May they find comfort and solace in our prayers. 

For what is Glory
When the world felt sorry?
What is Gold
When pain was all she told?

The sea of blood
On the land of death,
The bomb none withstood
Sent silent weeps of ailing breath.

Hear their agony
Their screams on your victory,
Their cries; the child’s demise
To your soul still not suffice?

For what is Fortune
When blood oozed even to the moon?
What is Fame
On your story of shame?


This is the first of the seven poems I wrote in a series I dubbed Nam Syriam et Mundum (For Syria and the world).



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