Be the Change

Get your pen and scribble down your thoughts and wishes for our brothers and sisters in Syria, other war-torn countries, and the whole world. 

What is this all about? This campaign is meant to express our concerted voice calling for peace and end violence around the world, especially Syria which suffered a catastrophic event last week. 

How would you participate? You have two ways to participate in this campaign:
1. Write/take pictures. Write or photograph, for seven days, anything depicting peace, prayer, and dedication for Syria, other war-torn countries, and the world. Articles should be original. You may publish it–or keep it to yourself–in social media or in your personal blogs. You may tag my blog and I will share your posts.
2. Share. Spread the word by tagging your friends in social media. Kindly use the hashtag #ForSyriandtheWorld in all your posts. 
What is the campaign’s duration? This will run from April 9 through 15. 

Create the habit of writing for and/or taking photo of humanity. Our pens are mightier than their air strikes. Let us be heard–as one. 



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