Sacred Sanctuary

This photo was taken while I was on the boat to Cebu City where I’m currently working. The island on the background is that of my home province–Leyte. Whenever the burden of the fast paced life gets the best of me, I retreat to my sanctuary–the land of my birth– and make plenty of memories with the people I love so much.


A place I call my home
Where nothing but happiness loom.
Where I feel love and joy and bliss
As I wake up every morning to my parents’ kiss.

Is my family
Who brings me much symphony.
In joy or in pain they stand
They share nothing but helping hand.

Are friends worth keeping
And promises of forever that I cling.
Friends who accept me for who I am
Despite the raging waters no one can calm.

Is where love, peace, acceptance reside
No pain, no regret nor hatred there abide.
Where I retreat to the comfort of the Almighty
And ponder on life’s beauty and mystery.

In response to today’s Daily Prompt : Sanctuary


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