Secretly Waiting

Antique clock photo was taken from

And all those broken glasses
All those unfulfilled promises–
In a sad story of you and me
Left nothing but a world in disarray.

Glancing at the clock by the wall
While sipping tea one evening of Fall,
Waiting… patiently waiting… waiting in vain.
No, I’m not insane. I’m just waiting in pain.

The clock strikes twelve; been waiting since five
My senses are numb but my emotions are alive.
Torments are like that of in the battlefield
Engraved in every soldier’s sword and shield.

The moon lay bare witness to tears
Beckoning the beams of bountiful fears.
The silent sea I see by the window,
Sent silent winds to appease my sorrow.

I’ve been waiting… staring at the clock by the wall.
Reading.. Sipping tea… glancing at the dark night of Fall.
Waiting made me strong… patience taught me to behave
Because I’m in love with someone else’s babe.

In response to the Daily Prompt: Clock


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