Imposter Mask

Sometimes we wear our masks to please the person we love. Inevitably, we display it because of our desire to make them happy. There is nothing wrong with making our loved ones happy, that’s human instinct. The wrong part there is we pretend to be someone we are not. I am neither a love and relationship guru nor pretending to be, but I’ve been into several situations when I have to sit down and weigh certain matters because I don’t see myself anymore–I see someone I am not used to be. Therefore, if you are wearing your mask too, it may be worthwhile to ponder on what he likes from you–then leverage on that instead of pretending to be someone to satisfy his whims and caprices. You can’t make him happy all the time , and that’s normal, but it will make your relationship stronger if you know each other by the heart.

In response to Today’s Prompt: Mask

Photo from Psychopathresistance



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