Where Am I?

Photo credit: hubstatic.com

The music’s so loud
And neon lights were dancing.
Cigarette smoke filled the clouds
While youngsters on the floor were prancing.

I went out feeling suffocated,
Yet saw no trees, no leas, no fields.
Gone are the hillside songs she orchestrated
Now are barren hills and wayward yields.

I flee to the sea and found nothing
But dead life and mossy clothing.
I looked at the rivers now dry and rocky
And wept on the misfortune that befell me.

Where am I?
I don’t belong here.
I am misplaced, these all are lies
I am consumed by anger and fear.

I was crying–“dear God what happened?”
“Oh mom, where are you? Take me outta here”
Silly and ungrateful I may have been
Yet this price is every ounce of my fear.

I was moaning in frustration
When my mom woke me up and hugged.
I held her close from deep exhaustion–
Thank goodness t’was just a dream

In response to the Daily Prompt: Misplaced




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