Summer Nostalgia: Desserts I Grew Up With

Who would not crave for a refreshingly sweet ice-cold dessert today? The sweltering sun is taking its toll again yet hitting the beach is just not the best option. For a sugary revitalizing relief, my friend and I scanned the net on some easy-to-do desserts every Filipino grew up with.

Here are the top three on my  list of must-eats today to fan the heat away. Try these easy recipes yourself too and experience the real Filipino summer desserts that will tickle your taste buds. You may want to pair these with the easy no-bake cakes  to pamper your sweet tooth–and that of your loved ones– all the way.

This one is mom’s favorite–Halo Halo. It is a mixture of sweetened root crops, caramelized fruits, crushed ice and milk. This is so just so heavenly that you’ll grab for more.


It is just your sweetcorn, a little milk, and crushed ice–yet this used to be what I order back when I was dating my first love. Mais con Yelo is just so magical.


This is my best friend’s life, so I say. He would trade everything just for this dessert (I’m exaggerating but yeah, he’s so into this). Who would not be captivated by one of the Philippines’ bests, Buko Pandan?


I have a longer list of the desserts I miss–those I used to enjoy back in my country home. I just can’t wait to prepare them… now.

What are the desserts you miss during summer? We may have the same craving too.


In response to the Daily Prompt: Refresh



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