Notes for Him

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Sad you are, frown on your face;
Trivial things on your head they daze;
Sit down and to horizon you ponder
Unto the road you seldom wander.

Dance to the beat of the gongs
And the larks with their sweet songs.
Sing with the silence of the mountain fields,
And live where only happiness you yield.

Stress no more on trifling things
On solitude and strife life undoubtedly brings.
Refresh your cup of wisdom and joy,
That you submit no more to darkness’ ploy.

Be happy, shout free and merry,
Recharge yourself from the busy weary day,
Let journey not be overtaken by humdrum days —
The price we pay for all good things along our ways.

Let no sadness be written in thy epitaph
Let no roar be heard on the ocean side so chaff.
Refresh your journey not with anger and grief
But of highest note of greatest relief.

And to the plains and the fields to the heavens above
I’ll refresh my cup with your love.
On the journey I alone must take,
Your melody is cure to my malady, my lis.

In response to the Daily Prompt: Refresh




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