Dirty Piece of Art


Photo from Tumbler.com

I am a piece of art, a dirty one. I got several colors you may not understand. I have several lines no one seems to realize. Yet no matter how filthy I may be, I still love the intricate piece of art in me.

He threw a yellow to my canvas, someone threw in green. I went to some place and got a red, then he wiped it out with blue. I loved it when he painted me green and mixed it with red. Then another threw all his watercolors to me then doodled some polygons, then I got hexagons. Someone drew a straight line and curved it towards the end.

I feel a sense of pride when I look at myself with all the hues brought about by different people I met along the journey. For some I may be a dirty painting but for myself I am the best work of art. In me are the colors of yesterday and today… and I’m not done yet, because the future still holds more colors and paintbrushes.

You are a piece of art… a dirty one. You are a product of several painters behind. Love your colors; love those paintbrushes; love the intricate lines.

In response to Daily Prompts: Dirty

Here’s a boost to all those who are broken and trying to fix the pieces up. Cheer up! You are a wonderful masterpiece and no matter how the people around you color you, you are still who you are–beautiful.



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