#NotetoSelf: Envy No More


These past few days has been so challenging for me–I was so negative, so down, and envious. I kept on comparing myself with others for all the things I felt I didn’t get. Just then I realized that this is me, and living a life of envy and enmity is a futile endeavor. Then I moved forward and chose to be happy.

We all certainly come into a point when we ask ourselves why  he has this, I don’t. Why is he like this, I’m not? Why did he get this, I didn’t? Why does he love him, I wasn’t? … and the list comes in several sheets should we want to. The society we live in programmed us to think that way. The culture taught us  that money, beauty, fame, among others are essential to survival–and without which we’ll be extinct in the evolutionary process. Yet,  we have the freedom to choose our calling.

Sometimes, I choose to feel it then I choose to move on. Sometimes, it just come unexpectedly but I choose to be the captain of my ship again, else nowhere will I go.

I lose him. I should never envy the person I lost him to. I know he’s happy…so should I be.  I may not have what it takes for him to love me, but someone along the way will love me for who I am. Nonetheless, until then I’m telling myself to envy no more… and live life as precious and fulfilling as we should all be.


In Response to the Daily Prompt: Envy





  1. How very true! Isn’t it sad when we discover all the time we wasted comparing ourselves to others, always to find ourselves wanting? I’ve learned that when I begin comparing myself to no one other than me, I can be much more content. After all, God doesn’t compare us to other people. He created us, and loves each of His children, created in His image, but each one completely unique. Why should I compare myself with someone else, who isn’t, and can never be me? Also, if someone can’t love you for the beautiful unique person you have been created to be, that’s his/her loss, and this person obviously wasn’t right for you.

    I love the raw honesty and vulnerability in your post. In just those few words, I discovered that you are a highly sensitive individual, and I suspect that you don’t see your own worth. One thing the Lord taught me long ago, because I always felt worthless, is that I need to see myself through His eyes. You see, He sees me just as I am, with all my shortcomings and failures, and yet, He also sees me as the woman He created me to be, a woman of confidence who is filled with His love for others. He sees me as very desirable and I am also precious in His sight. Perhaps, my friend, you should ask the Lord to help you see yourself as He sees you.

    God bless you,


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