The Lost Billet-doux

My close friend wrote this five years ago for a lady whom he met at work… and loved in silence. Sadly, this never got into her.


For you,love letter

There are several things that I want to tell you in person but I just can’t. I couldn’t muster the courage to talk about things I assume would be insignificant to you. Fear overtook me. I am afraid to lose you and I don’t know how to reveal this to you.

I love you.

It all started when I first saw you on the aisle. I was so busy but you took a few seconds of my time–and it relieved all my stress away. We chatted. We hung out. We became friends. Just then did I realize that I’m beginning to like you more than just a friend. I started to care for you, and hoped you’ll do the same for me too. You are ethereal–a heaven-sent.

However, I still didn’t tell you that I love you… because you’re into someone else.

There is no us but I still dread the days when I see you and him together. I got no right to claim you mine but it pains me so hard when I hear you calling his name. Call me naïve but I can’t get you out of my head.  Nothing can help me explain the pain than tears in this lonely side of my room, while looking at the yellow orange haze of the early sky.

You were once a spur of the moment, or so I thought, but now you are my every moment.  I  love you and I want you in my life. I just don’t know how to say it… because I’m afraid to lose you in the process.

So, allow me to love you in silence.


Photo credit:,d.dGY&psig=AFQjCNE5b4LFJ8ZyS7GZfLq0T7otbB0kuw&ust=1458025240964117


  1. Loving in silence will likewise be reciprocated with Love in silence. Never allow yourself to be silent on your true feelings to others for you will never know if your love will be reciprocated favorably or not if only you have conveyed it to the person whom you are in love with. Their are many ways to communicate our feelings and/or Love to others. But mere silence about our feelings which we call Love will never give us what we are looking for in return. Thus, never love in silence! Rather have it conveyed through words, actions and/or deeds and you will be happier than what you had done.


    • Good point, dear! Love is tricky, I would say. We need to consider several things prior to making tough decisions. I like your point on conveying it for it to be reciprocated; and there are also times when the mere reciprocation we are looking for causes the downfall of friendship we have nurtured for quite some time. In the course of events we will know what to do and how to do it for the benefit of both parties. 🙂

      Thank you for reading! Your point of view is much appreciated and indeed helpful for all of us.


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