In Your Eyes

your eyes
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See those birds, they are carefree my dear.

Look at the children, nothing they fear.

Hear the murmurs of the brook on the lonely night

Just how peaceful I am when I hug you tight.


And when you look at me, my symphony

The world goes silent, not one cacophony.

Because in your eyes are thousands of my world.

Your smile makes me weak, my lord.


The winged seraphs of heaven

Rejoice at the sight of you and me.

And in your eyes I feel my eternity

In your embraces I feel serenity.


I wish you have those glasses

To cover your deep seated eyes

Because the more I look at them

I can’t help but fall in love again.


And as we close the day my dear,

To Heaven  my love I surrender.

And I gaze at those lovely eyes

I know with you my paradise lies.


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