Dreamer’s Agony


I hear the music but it’s so distant that I can’t follow the notes and the melodies it bring. I hear it. I hear it yet I can’t understand it. I need to be myself again.

I am a dreamer. I have gigantic dreams that most people may say impossible to achieve. Yet these are my dreams and I am committed to achieve it. However, I am taken aback recently due to several reasons I, myself, even do not understand. It was a lay-down and forget-it period; and I need to recuperate and keep going.

Most often than not, I ask myself why I need to fight the uphill battle. Why do I need to swim against the surge when I can just go with the tide? Why do I have to navigate against the wind when my I can sail with it? Just like you, I am filled with several questions—questions that, oftentimes, get unanswered. Nonetheless, I am still fighting.

Life really is a roller coaster ride. Sometimes, I am at the acme of happiness and excitement; then I get to the bottom at other times. Before, when this happens, I ask myself if this is the price I pay for all the laughs that come my way. Who would not? My intuition is telling me it is but there’s a tiny little voice inside telling me it isn’t. Until now, it’s still one heck of a ride and I am bound to enjoy it.

The road branches out to two places—success and failures. Some people around me might wish that I go for the latter; yet I am committed not to. They will pull me down and drag me to that road therefore I got to be stronger.

I have a dream to protect. I have a dream to achieve. I may be a loser today but I will stand up and face the challenges ahead. I may give up today but I am not giving up to failure. I am giving up for the meantime to prepare for the battle along the road.

You too have your dreams. Achieve it no matter what the circumstances are. Never let a single voice stop you from getting what you want. You have a dream; you have to fight for it. You have a goal; you have to work for it. It’s not bad to take a rest along the way as a good soldier is not determined by how long it took him to defeat the enemy. He is judged by how he conquered his nemesis.

I just need silence then I will stand up and fight again. In one of these days, I will hear that music again.



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