I Fear the Rain No More


Sitting by my desk, wondering

How lucky I am to be your everything.

I am blessed, yes I am

Because you’re my genie in Aladdin’s lamp.


It was raining when we met

We’re tired and cold and wet.

I was frustrated; you’re in high spirit

I lamented; you’re carefree and lithe.


The beach and the seas are our witness

Of love so bountiful and blessed.

There we kissed, I tasted your lips

And everyday I’m longing for its taste.


Baby, I curse the rain no more

Because every drop reminds me of you.

I curse no wind, no whoosh, no bleak winter

Because I’m safe by your stare.


We’ll face the rain together, my love

Our only armor is love that we have.

And when the sun rises again,

Let’s kiss and by then

I’ll feel your sweetest lips, again.


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