The Judged

A young woman was walking down the street when she saw a filthy malodorous man walking right her back. Afraid that he may be a robber, she ran right away to the nearest police and sought help. The latter then shooed the helpless man away.

A day after, the woman was walking on the same street again then noticed a young attractive man following her. Thinking that he’s into her, she made a conversation with him. Along their way, he pulled out his gun and ordered the woman to remain silent. He grabbed her bag and immediately left the scene. Speechless and trembling, she cried knowing that she got nothing at all—not even a penny for a taxi fare.

While she was in despair and remorse, the filthy malodorous man approached her and handed her some bills. “I never witnessed what happened but, looking at you, I concluded you were robbed,” he said. With teary eyes he continued, “I remember my daughter when you cried. If only I can turn back time that sad fate should have never happened.” Then he left without saying any word anymore.


Judge not a person based on his looks and appearance. Try to understand him deeper so you can see what’s beneath that skin-deep beauty. There may be a good soul hidden in that dirty clothes; or a grimy character beneath the attractive outer shell.



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