No, You Are Not a Failure!

My dear, you are not a failure!wondering
You may have sinned.
You may have been a black sheep.
You may have caused severe pain.
But you are not a failure!

You are not a failure even if
You failed to graduate on time.
You disobeyed your parents sometimes.
You smoked cigar out of curiosity.
You drank beer and liquor heavily.
Who said you’re a failure?

Your talents outshine your frailties.
Your good heart is bigger than your sin.
You brought more happiness than pain.

The world measures us by our achievement
But don’t measure yourself by such.
Allow yourself to be happy
Through the ways you want to be.

Yes, you sinned and smoke and drink
You flunked the grad school and lose your job.
Who cares? You are who you are!
Never allow their harsh words hunt you
It does not describe you at all.

Leverage on your past
To see the present and the future.
Then work your way up
And be happy, go merry, live life freely.

The sun goes up and then it goes down
So must you, rise up from the ground.
You are not a failure
The only time you become one
Is when you let them drag you down!


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