Kweens of the Modern-day Terpsichore

kweens logoNo, I didn’t misspell it. They really call themselves Kweens.

The first time I saw them performing was on our company’s Christmas party. Then I became a fan of their Facebook page and eventually viewed their videos in Youtube. Wow! Just wow! Their terpsichorean prowess is something every man having two left feet, like me, will fight tooth and nail for.

Judging by their logo alone, Kweens speaks of royalty. They label themselves the avant-garde performers of the modern day generation. In one of my tete-a-tetes with their founder, Enrick Salibay, he quipped that their name is a silly morph of kings and queens, the title they are claiming onstage. Well, they lived up to the name they have chosen.

kweens summer

Kweens has been a talk of the city nowadays with several performances in prestigious events. It truly has invaded Cebu City, Philippines with its lithe, out of the ordinary dance moves and, oh gorgeous members.  You don’t want to know who’s my favorite, do you? No, just kidding! Among their most recent appearances was on Sky Cable Sales Rally on March 10th. Despite the fame, this high-spirited team is still working hard to reach the zenith of their career with feet  on the ground.

Enrick Salibay, Kweens founder.
Enrick Salibay, Kweens founder.

Founding a successful dance organization like this is not easy, says Enrick. It has to be born out of passion. If founding is tedious, so is sustaining the distinction of the group. To ensure that they have the bests among the bests, they regularly conduct auditions. Who knows you might be their next member?

Learn more about this amazing dance group and witness their impressive moves by visiting their Facebook page. You can also keep in touch with Enrick through (+63) 922-362-0337 or (+63) 917-477-8638.

All photos were taken from Kweens official Facebook page.


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