A Letter With Love

fountain of love

I hear your distant cry, my love.
Your sighs of loneliness and distrust,
I hear you scorn like a lonely dove
And frowns at annals of disgust.

My love, know that I’m here.
Forget your worry, disregard your fear.
I’ll stand with you in every slough
Of the weary way we’ll be through.

Hear not what they say
As you strive to live day by day.
See not what they portray,
As you show kindness to people astray.

Leave no footprint of despair
In every misfortune on the way.
Look with compassion and care
No matter what the world will say.

And when the sunset comes,
When our sojourn stops,
I’ll tightly hold your hands
And face the Almighty with you, my love.



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