Why is Orange Karenderia Perfect for Holy Week?

A must-try place in the metro, Orange Karenderia lived up to its name of serving tasty yet affordable dishes.
A must-try place in the metro, Orange Karenderia lived up to its name of serving tasty yet affordable dishes.

Are you looking for a nice place to dine with your loved ones this Lenten season? Give Orange Karenderia a shot to satisfy you gastronomic yen!

Orange Karenderia is not a new place in Cebu. It started in Mandaue City and now they are expanding with new branches in La Guardia St. Lahug, Cebu City and in Bacolod. Their air-conditioned cozy place characterized by a countryside atmosphere dominated by orange hues is just so relaxing. Add to that their delectable yet affordable food choices that live up to the expectation of every food finicky. They stayed true to their name karenderia, a Filipino term for an eatery.

I got the chance to enjoy their dishes yesterday in their Lahug, Cebu City branch with my workmates. Hesitation shrouded me at first thinking that I may not enjoy their menu but things changed when our orders were served. The once-so-noisy group turned silent to relish the food. Heavenly!

Pre-lunch pose with the team I ate with. Photo by Homer Montesclaros
Pre-lunch pose with the team I ate with. Photo by Homer Montesclaros

It will be a long weekend and I know you are looking for a perfect place to spend lunch or dinner with your family or your partner, perhaps. Here are few reasons why you should put Orange Karenderia on the list of your preferred restaurants.

1. Their menus are perfect for the Lenten season (and all year-round occasion)
Oh, their ginataang gulay (vegetables cooked in coconut milk) may yet to earn the Best of Cebu title but I assure you you’ll order more. The coconut milk is so thick which is achieved only by letting it simmer while constantly stirring with a wooden ladle for a long time under low fire; nonetheless, the vegetables are not overcooked. It reminded me of lunchtime with my family in Leyte. They also have other veggie dishes to choose from.

Your company may not be eating vegetables so you can choose from their wide array of fish dishes. I recommend their Crispy Tuna Buntot and pancit guisado. However, if you’re trying to be extra adventurous you can try their exotic menu. You may want to savor their Crispy Tuna Bihod (bihod is a Cebuano term for fish eggs) and Crispy Tuna Bagaybay (bagaybay is also the Cebuano term for tuna’s gonads or the sperm sac).

However, if you still eat meat even in Lent, their Betsy’s Garlic Chicken is a must order. The juicy chicken meat melts on your mouth, releasing its sweet and salty taste complimenting the garlicky flavor without leaving a foul aftertaste. You’re right; it’s the Best of Cebu titleholder last year!

Never leave the place without tasting their desserts. Their mouthwatering Brazo de Cup is a must-try. Its sweetness is tolerable to the taste buds that you’ll end up ordering another helping.

Their dishes are cooked upon order so you can guarantee freshness. I know what you’re thinking! You are worried of the long waiting time, aren’t you? Don’t be! They serve their foods after nine to 12 minutes.

2. It’s affordable!
I know you are wondering how much you should spare from your budget. Worry no

Photo taken from their Facebook page
Photo taken from their Facebook page

more! You can eat lavishly without spending much. Most of their dishes are good for three persons and they are only a little above a hundred pesos ($2.22, ₱1=US$45 conversion).

There were 12 of us on that lunch and we only spent a total of ₱1500 for a five-course meal with rice and drinks. Their dessert comes inexpensive too.

3. It’s stone throw away from different churches and malls.

You can indulge in a gastronomic feast without forgetting your religious obligation. Orange Karenderia is just a walk away to St. Therese of the Child Jesus, a Catholic Church in Lahug. It is also one jeep (17B or 17D) away to the Basilica de Sto. Niño and the Metropolitan Cathedral. Thus, you can drop by after your Visita Iglesia (Church Visit). How is that?

Should you wish to frolic in shopping malls afterwards, you may ride 04L which takes you to SM and Ayala Malls. Of course, taxis are just around to take you there.

The Lent is a good time to celebrate life by catching up with people we love; and memories are best shared with delectable food. What is a good company without a good food? Go; grab your dearest for a hearty talk over good food now!

Like Orange Karenderia’s Facebook page for more information.


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