As You Write Your History


Summer sky, breezy March,
Your spirit’s high, sturdy like larch,
For your efforts bear fruit at last
No more midnight candles of the past.

Stand up my friend, look up the sky
Your dreams are high, learn to fly.
Touch the clouds, dance with the birds
Witness the shepherd guiding his herd.

Neither medals nor honors are important
In the rat race world where you stand.
Shun the sloughs dragging you down
To earthly sighs of future unknown.

Sing your thanks, shout it loud
To the people whom you are proud.
Thank your family, your friends, and your foe
They helped you stand on your own toe.

Bring your best, the best you can be.
That the world will always see
The good you, the beautiful you
Unfazed in any season through.

Now march the stage in this breezy March,
Head up high with a smile so staunch.
Show to me, to the world out there
How great you become, nothing you fear.

And forever you’ll dance the dance
Of a delightful winner’s stance.
You’ll sing the song of the ages
As you write your history on its pages.

And dare to tell your seatmate:
”Being great is my fate!“

I always tell my nephew that the most important thing in life is not the medals but being consistently excellent in everything you do. Today is his graduation from high school, and though he got no academic honors, he still took home the bacon of the passion he chooses to indulge to; and with that I’ll be forever proud of him!

Join me as I salute our graduates who are essential in our nation-building. Cheers for excellence and success! Para sa kahusayan at tagumpay!


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