You are the angel heaven sent
Guiding my journey in this treacherous path.
The trees, as you pass by, bent
And storms cease their growling wrath.

Smile is what you bring me
In sullen days and humdrum nights.
When sun is nowhere to be seen,
The bell knolls the parting day with might.

I am a sinner
And you are my saint.
In this lovely hour of the night
Come and hug me so tight.

No more solitary walks
Though to fame and fortune unknown.
No more gloomy talks
But lasting croons of melodious tone.

Come, sing with me my love!
You who brought me peace.
We’ll fly the sky as doves
In everlasting lullaby of armistice.

And when our sun sits, dusk befalls
Your name I’ll shout with pride.
So people may know you enthrall
My days and my life got wonderful.


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