Sound of Silence

pink rose of yesterday

Sing to me the praises of the sea
In the winter breeze of a moonlit night.
Dance for me the rocky lea
With the tender touch of passionate kiss.
Move you face of the earth
In the sweet wind of seraphs’ breath.
Walk lonely child, run and behold
Your sire’s return from a day-long work.

Gone are the murmurs of solitary brook
Running across the lonely mountain.
No more dancing of the rice’s stalk
Fed by overflowing heavenly fountain.
Dusk now playing on the vast sky
Red orange haze spreads across in style
Larks and pigeons eastward they fly
New world they search from several miles.

Soon the earth sleeps, the moon awakes
Guarding paradise from wretched fingers.
Winged cherubs beget peace, the prize I take
For solitudes of today.
There was silence, none else but me
Sitting on the rock of yesterday.


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