Cebu’s 2017 LGBT Parade All Set

The road towards gender equality is still long and gloomy but few nations are now taking huge steps in changing the landscape. Hence, constant campaigning will definitely make a difference.  Gay parade or LGBT parade has been a colorful tradition nowadays all around the world. Cebu, a booming economic hub in the heart of the Philippines, joins the world in the celebration. … Continue reading Cebu’s 2017 LGBT Parade All Set

Poetry and Prose

I Want to Write… About Us

I tried to write A song for you But I can’t make it right Because I’m still in sorrow. I want to write The happiness and joy But memories are marred By pain and distraught. I want to write How we came to be But what my ink bleeds Is how you left me. I… Continue reading I Want to Write… About Us

Poetry and Prose

Behind the Glass

Oh bring me to a world Where loneliness has no abode, Where you and me Behind the glass of love Kiss under the moonlight And laugh through the night, Where the birds sing The songs I sing, Where I can hold your hand And dance with a band… For I am in a glass Of… Continue reading Behind the Glass